‘My story’-Sam, 8, Sumner School

When the earth shook everyone screamed and people fell off the table. Then the teachers told us to go on to the field, and then my mum came. We went home and my Nana came and helped to clean up. We had dinner and we slept in the lounge. The next morning we packed up and went to Hawea to stay at my mum’s auntie’s batch.

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  1. ella says:

    Kia ora Sam

    I am so pleased you are in Hawea at Auntie’s bach. I am sure that must feel quite a lot safer than where you were.

    I think I would have screamed too if I had been there and I am an adult.

    Your teachers were very good to get you to the field and stay with you.

    When Mum came I bet she was very pleased to see you and you gave you a good hug.

    Take care now Sam, you are very precious and lots of people love you.

    We are all thinking of you from all over the world.
    From Ella in Auckland.

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