I was trading stickers with my friends in the library when the earthquake happened. And then all the books in the library fell off the shelves and some of the things hung up came undone. Then the lights went off. They all went out one of the doors and then we all rushed to find […]

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I was playing on the playground before the earthquake happened and then just before it, I decided I wanted to climb the rope climbing wall. When I was sitting on the first bit the earthquake happened. It felt really scary and the first thing I wanted to do was get away from the climbing walls […]

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‘My story’-Jordy, 8, Waimairi School

In last Tuesdays earthquake I was just by the big fort on the senior playground.When it hit I just ran under the fort and grasped onto one of the poles. When it stopped I ran into my classroom and jumped under my desk. Two minutes later I got out from under my desk and went outside. Then […]

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On Tuesday the 22nd of February an Earthquake struck!  I had just finished eating lunch and was in the classroom putting my lunchbox away .When suddenly I felt an earthquake it was huge! I was trying to get under a table but I fell over from all the shaking .I had tried to get up […]

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“Quake”-William, 8, Waimairi School

Lots of kids fell over and hurt themselves.  I was running near the senior playground and I saw a kid on the monkey bars and he fell off.  I was near Room 11 and all my friends fell over.  Then we went to the field and my Mum came and took me home.

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I was playing near my classroom when It happened I grabbed hold of the blue ramp poles tightly as the earthquake took place.  I was very dizzy and scared. My teacher Mrs Wilson was in my class room so I felt a little safe. Everyone in my class started crying but not me and my […]

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“I was up a tree”-Harrison, 8, Waimairi School

I had had my lunch and was playing on the field with my friends, I was up a tree. When the earth started moving. I quickly jumped down from the tree and landed on the ground. There was liquidfaction just infont of me. It suddenly stopped and I got up and run over to the […]

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