I was enjoying my lunch when the earthquake struck. We covered our heads and curled up like a ball. Lots of the children were scared and started crying. The earthquake was a sideways one.  The earthquake in September was a diagonal one.  We all went to the big field and sat down in our class […]

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On the 22nd of February we were playing when a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch at 12:51pm. I find it hard to remember how I felt but it makes me feel sick to think about it. My heart is with the people that have lost loved ones. Many historic buildings have been destroyed. In the […]

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Harrison, 8 1/2, St Albans Primary School

I was at Jelly Park then left and got to the school car park walking to class then the earthquake started and only 4 people were not crying and one was me that did not cry and I told every one that cried  that it was ok and they didn’t listen then we were in […]

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“Covered our heads”-Emma, 9, St Albans School

Me and my class had just gotten off a bus we had came back from jellie park. we were at our swimming sports when it started we shot down into a ball and coverd our heads. there was a big pole about 45 meters away from us and it was swaying from side to side we […]

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‘TERRIFYING!’-Madeleine, 8, St Albans School

Oh my gosh I can`t belive what just happened. Nearly 6 months ago Christchurch had a 7.1 earthquake. Now in Christchurch we had a 6.3 earthquake but it felt like 8.9. When it hit I was putting my lunch box away and i thought all was peaceful. My teacher Miss Lythgoe grabbed me and some […]

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