‘Earthquake at lunchtime!’-Caleb, 6, St Albans School

I was enjoying my lunch when the earthquake struck. We covered our heads and curled up like a ball. Lots of the children were scared and started crying. The earthquake was a sideways one.  The earthquake in September was a diagonal one.  We all went to the big field and sat down in our class line. There was lots of liquefaction on the grass and the concrete. Liquefaction is a type of mud that pops out of the ground in an earthquake and it is a big mess!

My mum came about 10 minutes after the quake struck.  We took a long time to drive home because there was so much liquefaction and the roads had big cracks in them.  The main pipe in our street burst and there was a big flood.

In the afternoon we had lots of people and children at our house because they couldn’t get into their houses!  Losing electricity was my least favourite part of the earthquake because I couldn’t go on the Wii or the computer for a long, long time!

When Dad came home he dug a big hole in the ground and put a plant pot in it to stop the sides falling in.  This was our toilet.  The next day we had a solar shower.  We hung it from the swing.  We did lots of digging the next day because there was so much liquefaction all around and under our house.  My little brother Rory put lots of the liquefaction in the front scoop of his pedal tractor and took it to the street.

The helicopters from the television station kept flying over everyone’s houses. This made mum super annoyed when she was going to the toilet in the garden. Mum wanted some privacy.

Now we are in Hamilton because the quake was really big.  We are staying with Grandma.

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  1. Kathy Thompson says:

    What a brillant account of your experience .
    It must have been very scary and I think you are very brave .

  2. Ella says:

    Kia ora Caleb

    Phew! One minute eating lunch then next minute all curled up, you certainly are a very fast thinking person…thank goodness.

    It is hardly surprising that lots of people were crying, I think I would have done so too, and I am an adult.

    The field was a good place to go where the teachers could look after you. It does sound as though it was pretty messy though.

    Did you get some big hugs when Mum came to pick you up?

    It sounds very interesting that you had so many people at your house, but very annoying not having power.

    Well, I have to say your Dad’s toilet design sounds fascinating, he sounds very clever and resourceful and now he has to make something to keep the helicopters away!

    It must be lovely to be away at Grandma’s for a time and soon enough you will be back home and at school with lots of work to do.

    You are amazing and brave all rolled into one, not many of us get the chance to be that. And I hope your family, friends and school recover well and soon.

    Take care, from Ella in Auckland.

  3. Jack says:

    Was it scary Caleb? Did you get hurt? Were you brave in the earthquake.

  4. Val McArthur says:

    Caleb I think your story is really great. I enjoyed having you to stay with me and now you are home I hope there is not too much more cleaning up to do.

    Please help Mum and keep Rory safe.


  5. Sue says:

    It was good to read your mail about the eartquake Caleb. You described what happened very well and I could picture in my mind what you were doing. There sounds like there is heaps of mud in Cnristchurch now. Do you know where they take it to dump it. Our son is in Japan. They have a had huge eartquake and tsunami over there. He is alright but has to carry some food, water bottles and a torch around with him all the time. They keep their TV on the floor because it falls off the coffee table with the aftershocks. They are experiencing lots of aftershocks like you are having in Christchurch but I don’t think they have the liquefaction like you do.
    Thanks very much for letting me read you story and I’m sure your Mum was very happy to be in Hamilton with Grandma so she could use her toilet. Good bye. From Sue

  6. Caleb hunt says:

    wow thats a cool name Caleb.Any way how high was the water and were does grandma live i might even be able to vist someday.

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