Harrison, 8 1/2, St Albans Primary School

I was at Jelly Park then left and got to the school car park walking to class then the earthquake started and only 4 people were not crying and one was me that did not cry and I told every one that cried  that it was ok and they didn’t listen then we were in the school grounds on the grass I had my mum came running to me and picked me up and said every thing smashed and we had found a dachshund called Rupert (my mum thinks that’s pretty great because we have two dachshunds of our own – Ruperts mum is a nurse and was working hard to help injured people, she came and got Rupert on Wednesday morning)  he had a cut on his eye and that’s all.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hello Harrison

    You sound like a very caring person to look after those people that were crying on the day of the earthquake.

    I am glad you were safe at school on the grass waiting for your Mum.

    When you saw your Mum running to you I think she would have been very happy to see you.

    Poor Rupert I hope he is better now too.

    Take care of yourself, please send my best wishes to your family and friends.

    From Ella in Auckland.

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