‘My story’-Patrick, 8, Fendalton school

When the earthquake happened I was waiting outside the school library at lunchtime and I ran out from under the school library verandah. Then I saw everyone coming down to the tennis courts so I just sat down with everyone from my class. Most children were crying. Some of my friends said that their mums […]

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‘My story’-Ana, 6, Fendalton School

When the earthquake hit on Tuesday my home did not break. I was a litttle bit scared, but it was fun too. It was lunch time at school and I was under the really big tree playing tag with Tessa, Anna and Abby. I felt the ground shaking, my legs wobbled and I thought the […]

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‘My story’-Heawane, 8, Fendalton School

I was at school at the time. Unfortunately I was half way down the firemen’s pole when I heard a low rumbling sound. I wonderd what it was…when suddenley it struck! After that I had a sore head because my head had knocked against the pole so much. That night we had a BBQ. That […]

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Suddenly, the ground shook.  I ran to my teacher.  We were outside having lunch.  It was scary! Then Mum and Andrew the gardener came to pick me up. Mum looked terrified and shocked.  Then we drove to Gran’s house.  She had a bit of bricks fallen off the front of her house.  Dad was working […]

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