‘My story’-Heawane, 8, Fendalton School

I was at school at the time. Unfortunately I was half way down the firemen’s pole when I heard a low rumbling sound. I wonderd what it was…when suddenley it struck! After that I had a sore head because my head had knocked against the pole so much. That night we had a BBQ. That Tuesday was fun cause we were very lucky!

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  1. Ella says:

    Hello Heawane

    What an unusual place to experience an earthquake, down a fireman’s pole?!
    What a shame your head got banged though but how amazing you were able to stay still to keep yourself safe.

    You are right to say you were lucky because you managed to stay safe and come through it all.

    I hope you are able to get back to a normal enough life soon and that you will be thinking about how you want your Canterbury to rise again.

    Good luck from Ella in Auckland.

  2. eve says:

    Hi Heawane
    Ow! Your head must have hurt…but you are right you are lucky, it must have been scary though.
    You are wonderful Heawane and I’m really glad I found your story.
    I think you are really brave :)

    Love you always
    (Aunty) Eve xxxxx

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