‘My story’-Ana, 6, Fendalton School

When the earthquake hit on Tuesday my home did not break. I was a litttle bit scared, but it was fun too. It was lunch time at school and I was under the really big tree playing tag with Tessa, Anna and Abby. I felt the ground shaking, my legs wobbled and I thought the tree would fall on me! We ran to the courts because thats the safest place in the school. We got into class lines then waited until our mum or dad came. My dad came, he took me home to mums house because it was the closest from school. We had a barbeque because there was no power. We cooked blue cod and wrapped it in bread with sauce. We also wrapped kumara and potatoes in tinfoil to cook in the embers but they weren’t ready before we went to bed so we ate them for breakfast the next day!! We went to bed late with pretty candles and torches. Before we went to sleep mum made the lights work but she was tricking, we had the power back on!!!

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  1. Chelena and Gigi says:

    We are so sorry for you guys and we hope that you guys can have another chance of going to school and we are sorry for the loss.We wish all you children and adults could be happy again and to all you people helping out other people

  2. Ella says:

    Kia ora Ana

    I am very happy your home didn’t break when the earthquake came.
    Good thing you are a fast runner to get to the courts to stay safe with your teachers and friends.

    I reckon Dad would have been so happy to see you, his precious daughter!

    Your dinner sounds so nice, obviously you have some very good cooks at home. And as for breakfast, kumara and potatoes cooked in the embers overnight…yum!

    It sounds as though Mum has a great sense of humour tricking you into thinking she could do magic with the lights.

    Please say ‘Hi’ to all your friends and family from all of us in Auckland who are thinking of you and trying our best to help!

    From Ella in Auckland.

  3. eve says:

    Hi Ana
    I found your story!
    What a day that must have been for you and all your friends, teachers and family.
    I bet your Dad ran as fast as he could to get to school!
    Your bbq sounded really nice at your mum’s house.
    I think you are really brave Ana, I think I would have cried.

    Love you always
    (Aunty) Eve xxx :)

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