I was inside my classroom putting my lunchbox away when it happened. I got straight under the closest table, holding onto the legs. When it stopped I ran out onto the field because it’s an open space. There were lots of people there already. It was shaking a lot. I played tag with George then I played ‘get the […]

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We were having our lunch when there was an earthquake. We jumped up but nearly fell over. It was hard to be a turtle because it was really shaky and hard to balance.  When the shaking stopped we tried to put our lunch boxes away but the teachers were running over to us and told […]

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On Tuesday I was at school and the place shook like jelly! I knew what had happened, it was an earthquake or maybe it was just an aftershock. I ducked down and covered under the bench I was sitting on. My lunch box jumped out of my hands and into the air. The whole school […]

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I was at school playing on the playground and I felt the big earthquake, and then I had to go down off the playground.  It was really scary and I had to go out to the field with Mr MacDonald and my teacher.  I had to stay in a line and it was wet on […]

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“We are very lucky”-Gemma, 6,

On Tuesday  there  was an earthquake.when the  earthquake happened   i  was at school  we were just  having  lunch. i  was  just  about to stand  in  the playground.the teachers came and told us to go out on the grass. more earthquakes happened it was scary.  my mum came to pick me up. we could not get […]

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