‘The Earthquake’-Leuan, 7, Christ the King School

I was inside my classroom putting my lunchbox away when it happened. I got straight under the closest table, holding onto the legs. When it stopped I ran out onto the field because it’s an open space. There were lots of people there already. It was shaking a lot. I played tag with George then I played ‘get the hats off’ with George. George often got my hat and my polarfleece. Then we saw a ball. We played with it but Mrs Phillips got it off Will! It was fun but a lot of people were crying. I was thinking about the last one. The last one was pretty big! We were at our old house then. We went outside and Mum noticed that our neighbours chimney fell down. We couldn’t play soccer. It was strange.
This time, I felt two earthquakes in the classrooms and one on the field. We had to wait a long time. Then I went into Room 10 and we sat down at the desks.. School was then over. Dad came. We went home to Burnham Military Camp. We can’t feel so much earthquakes out in Burnham. We didn’t get school for some days because of the earthquake. Nana and Granddad had to come and stay with us.

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  1. Ella says:

    Kia ora Leaun

    Well done for getting under the closest table and holding onto the legs and then running out to the field. You must be pretty fast to get out there so quickly.

    I am glad Dad came to pick you up and get you over to Burnham camp and that no doubt you felt a lot safer when you got there.

    With Nana and Granddad staying with you would have been a bit of an adventure, did you get the chance to have some hugs?

    Despite the days that have passed we are all still thinking of you and hoping that things get better soon for you. Please send my very best wishes to your family, friends and school.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Chelena and Gigi says:


  3. Fiona H says:

    Hi Leanu

    I am Fiona in Auckland NorthShore I go to Northcote Intermediate, I hope that you guys are ok also your family and friends. Hope your nextdoor neighbours fixed their chimney

    Yours Sincerely Fiona H :)

  4. courtney says:

    osem story to wright about the earthquaka

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