‘One year’-Gemma, 11, Avonhead School

Tomorrow is the one of the saddest days of our life’s but also a Milestone of moving on a new start to new and better chch

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I was siting at my desk when the 6.3 happened at first I thought I would be a 4 or 5 but at the end I  knew It was higher than a 5.  When I got home I listened to the radio and found out it was a 6.3.

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It was a normal(ish) day at school. I was sitting in my classroom, eating my fish and chips when it struck. It started up as a rumble and I thought “Oh it’s just an aftershock,” then it turned into a roar and violent shake. Everybody dove under a desk. The lights flashed about three times […]

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When the earthquake happened I was on the playground. It felt like someone shaking the whole world. I stood still then I went down the slide and the pool splashed a lot.

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I was at my desk when the earthquake hit. My friends and I weren’t scared but lots of people were screaming and after it had finished some children got really upset and had to be taken home early. The next day I went round to my grandma’s house to help clean up. On the road […]

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I was sitting at my desk when the earthquake happened. I knew it was a big one but I wasn’t scared. Some kids were screaming and crying. Our school was okay and our house was okay. We went to my Grandma’s to shovel some silt because it was messy where she lives and there were big bumps in […]

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‘My story’-Josiah, Avonhead School

On Tuesday it was our fish & chip day at school just as I was finishing my lunch a 6.3 earthquake struck. It was the second in 1 year.

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Day by day, there are the shakes And the silent screams of history are heard. The lone sound of a siren call, And the street ghosts cry out in abandonment. Throughout the city, families unite, As the only light to be seen, Are the words of God and the torches of fear, Along with the […]

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