‘My story’-Emma, Age 10, Avonhead School

I was at my desk when the earthquake hit. My friends and I weren’t scared but lots of people were screaming and after it had finished some children got really upset and had to be taken home early. The next day I went round to my grandma’s house to help clean up. On the road there were lots of bumps and there were big piles of silt wheeled down from peoples houses. At her house we picked up lots of fallen books, put her bookcases back together and shovelled some of the silt from her backyard.
Now we are helping out by doing washing for people who have no water. The Christchurch School of Music was damaged so they have had to reorganise orchestra but it is back running now. We keep checking the news to see how things are going with the fallen buildings and I found out that my optometrist was killed in the earthquake. He was working on removing a pipe organ that was in a church that had been damaged by the September earthquake. He was a really nice man.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hi Emma

    What a sad experience this earthquake has been for so many people, it must be very tough for some.

    Along with that there is all the amazing stuff that is being done often without any recognition or reward. Acts of bravery by teachers in schools, children helping save others, people pulling one another through the days of despair and worry.

    And of course the acts of kindness and grace of which it seems your family are doing, well done.

    It is very humbling sitting so far away to see and hear what you are managing in such exceptional circumstances.

    We are trying to do things here to help and yet they seem so little, at this time I can only send my best wishes to you and your family and wish you well.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Olivia and Emi says:

    Dear Emma,
    I’m sorry that your optometrist died. I hope you are okay. Is your family safe? I am glad you are helping out by doing washing for people who have no water!
    From Olivia and Emi

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