“Oh it’s just an aftershock”-Ethan, 8, Avonhead School

It was a normal(ish) day at school. I was sitting in my classroom, eating my fish and chips when it struck.

It started up as a rumble and I thought “Oh it’s just an aftershock,” then it turned into a roar and violent shake. Everybody dove under a desk. The lights flashed about three times and went out. I was pushed outside by a wave of screaming yelling kids. We all settled on the court. Mr Levings (our principal) came out and said that the safest place in the whole school is our new hall.

I again was pushed by a crowd of screaming yelling kids flowing into the hall. I met up with some friends. I may have been scared but I could still crack jokes. Here’s one: what is an earthquake made of? The earth quaking and shaking with fear after watching a scary movie!

The good things were: we got to go home early. Everybody was okay.

3 Responses to ““Oh it’s just an aftershock”-Ethan, 8, Avonhead School”

  1. Ella says:

    Gosh Ethan you do have a sense of humour, what a gift!

    I am sure your humour would have lightened the load for a few people there.

    You certainly have a distinct style of writing being able to write of the fear and the noise it would have made.

    I do hope things have settled down for you and that you can start back at school again soon!

    Best wishes from Auckland.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Malia and Jessica says:

    Your story was very discriptive I almost felt like I was there and even just thinking of it was very scary.You must have been very brave and we are glad that everybody was ok. We like your joke!!!!

  3. Room 56 Waihopai School says:

    Hi Ethan,
    We hope that a year on from your horrible ordeal you are feeling better. we all like your earthquake joke. We hope you are rebuilding your life after what has happened.
    Room 56
    Year 6
    Waihopai School Invercargill

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