I was in the library at lunchtime, and I was trading stickers first I thought that I was alright, but then I heard a big crash boom bang and then there was a little shake and then that little shake turned into a big shake. Then I ran under the closest table and got under […]

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‘My story’- Oliver, 9, Queenspark School

On Tuesday at lunchtime we were playing last man standing. I was on the monkeybars, then the earthquake happend. While it was happening i quickly ran out of the playground to the field then i did the turtle. i was playing with Cael, Dougie, Sam, Caleb, Angus, and my other friends they were all safe, from Oliver.

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“Holy Cow”- Cael,9, Queenspark School.

On tuesday i was playing hunt at lunchtime. And i just ran down this lane and then i herd somthing coming like a bumpy loud thing coming right at the lane i was in and so i ran as fast as i could but i could of not make it to Dougie,Oliver and all my […]

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I have never felt an Earthquake in Korea. But I felt the big one in Christchurch! It was scary and frightening. My mum was very brave and she knew what was happening. She told us to calm down. It was like jelly wobbling. The power went out and it was dark. We felt scared and […]

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‘My Story’-Sally, 11, from Korea

I was sleeping and suddenly my bed started to shake. I woke my mum up. My family was frightened. We live with another family so the other family was with us. We lit the candles because the power was out. I had never felt an earthquake this big before. The earthquake scared me. The earthquake […]

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On Saturday at 4:30 in the morning, Christchurch started to shake.  My bed was going side to side.  Zebastian started crying.  Me and Benjamin stayed in bed, very frightened.  Our dad came in and told us to hide under the table.  We didn’t have a torch so we had to get candles.  Me and Benjamin […]

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‘It was freaky!’- Tom, 9, Queenspark School

On Saturday, fourth of September at 4:35am, there was a castrophic earthquake . I thought it was my brother James shaking the house! In the morning there was lots of silt.  We made all the silt into jumps for our bikes.  In my house two glasses fell on the floor and smashed into tiny pieces.  […]

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“Earthquake!!”- Thomas, 8, Queenspark School

On September the fourth there was a earthquake.  My mum yelled “Earthquake!!”  We went under the door way and we got the torches because the power went out and so did the water.

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On Saturday, 4 September there was an earthquake!  It was at 4:35am.   I got up and stood under a doorframe. I could hear things smashing and everything falling off the wall. After the earthquake stopped, there were lots of aftershocks. Every time there was,  I went under the doorframe.   I was really scared. It was […]

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