“I was really scared”- Paris, 8, Queenspark School

On Saturday, 4 September there was an earthquake!  It was at 4:35am.   I got up and stood under a doorframe. I could hear things smashing and everything falling off the wall. After the earthquake stopped, there were lots of aftershocks. Every time there was,  I went under the doorframe.   I was really scared. It was quite big.   It was 7.1.   I was at my nana’s house.   I felt sick and vomited because I was dizzy. I got pushed from wall to wall. Once everything was ok, I went to get my mum and nana from their house. The next day I went for a drive to see all the damage. It was the scariest thing that happened to me.

4 Responses to ““I was really scared”- Paris, 8, Queenspark School”

  1. Glen Counsell says:

    That’s a great recount Paris. I was really scared too!!!!

  2. Stacey Counsell says:

    Fantastic recall Paris! well done :)

  3. Nana Chris says:

    You managed very well Paris and Grandad andI are very proud of you, your story is well written.

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