I was playing on the cricket pitch and the ground started shaking. I did the turtle and Mrs Turner came and got us and we sat on the field. We waited in the hall until my Mum came and got me. We didn’t have any power and Grandad came to our house to check if […]

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When the Earthquake happened I was in the library and two computers fell down. I went out of the library to the field and Ms Olaughlan came and we had to sit on the field. Then we went into the hall and I waited for my Mum to come and get me. When I got […]

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I was in the hall also doing kapahaka when the earthquake struck. I felt brave and knew what to do after what happened in Sept. My Nonni picked me up and when we got home we saw mummy, she grabbed us and held us and cried. I was sad. We sat by the door incase […]

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Tuesday the 22 February I was in the School Hall it was the middle of Kapahaka when a 6.3 happened just before 1:00pm. There was only one teacher in their with us as there were about 60 students in there at the same time. We all had to get into a turtle position. Most of the little kids were […]

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