“I did the turtle”-Jacob, 8, Oaklands School

I was playing on the cricket pitch and the ground started shaking. I did the turtle and Mrs Turner came and got us and we sat on the field. We waited in the hall until my Mum came and got me. We didn’t have any power and Grandad came to our house to check if we were ok. Mum wouldn’t let us in the kitchen because all the cups and glasses had smashed. My lego had crashed to the ground and there was a big mess in our bedroom and lounge. My Grandma came over and when the power came back on we watched what had happened on the TV and had a midnight snack of toast and milo.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hi Jacob

    You are quite a remarkable person to get through all that happened on that day and be able to write about it so well. Good for you!

    The turtle is such a good idea, lots of people have done that now and it has kept them safe.

    Wasn’t it lovely to see Grandad to check if you were ok?

    I can understand Mum not letting you go into the kitchen when it was so smashed up.

    Great news about the power going back on and then having Grandma there too so you could watch TV together and enjoy a well deserved midnight snack.

    Please say Hi to everyone there and let them all know we are thinking of you lots and that includes you Jacob!
    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Mrs Birdling says:

    A midnight snack?! Wow that sounds like fun Jacob! What a great story!

  3. Grandma says:

    That is a very lovely story Jacob. It was exciting having a midnight snack wasn’t it!Daddy and Grandad were very brave going to look for Great Aunt Bev and Shaun, and we were so happy when they finally got back all safe and sound at midnight. Aunt Bev rang from Australia tonight and she sends her love to you all. Love you lots, Grandma and Grandad xxxx

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