On the day of the 6.3 magnitude earthquake I was at home eating my lunch because I had an earache  and my mum had to take the day off work.’ When it struck, I was sitting on the chair eating a cup of noodles…… BAAAAAMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! The earthquake shook like I had never seen it before […]

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When the Earthquake struck on Tuesday 22nd February 2011 my class was having lunch inside.. I was leaning over a bin peeling my mandarin.. Some of my class had finished & had gone outside to the play area.. It felt like a huge monster shaking our school.. Everyone in the classroom scrambled under desks.. the […]

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‘My story’-Matthew, 6, Halswell School

When the earthquake happened I didn’t know why everyone was running and screaming because I couldn’t feel it at first. Then I felt it. I knew it was an earthquake and when I ran to my classroom there was liquifaction all around it. It was flooding. I was a bit scared. Then we went onto […]

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‘My story’-Maddie, 6, Halswell School

In the earthquake I was crying because I wanted Mummy.  Afterwards we were waiting in another classroom and the teacher let us watch a movie, there were two more earthquakes while we were in the classroom.

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Earthquake Poem-Madeline, 11, Halswell School

The ground rattles, shakes, bangs You’re suddenly scared. Things falling, crashing, breaking. You can’t stand up. Diving for your desk, hoping, praying nothings happened. You’re looking around, you’re shaking, horrified and scared You can’t speak Everythings broken, apart from you and your family. This time we are the lucky ones, it wasn’t like that last […]

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‘My story’- Kate, 6, Halswell School

On Tuesday there was an earthquake and I was in my class room when the  earthquake happened and our Teacher Mrs Lee was not in our class room 6 because it was lunchtime but we had wet day monitors.  I felt scared.  We got under the desks.  Then Mrs Lee came into room 6.The end.

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My Story- Amber, 8, Haslwell School

I thought it was a car or maybe a truck then I looked outside no truck no car then I started to get scared so I went into my two little sisters room. My Mum and Dad was there Mum said it was an Earthquake, Mum said go under the bed I was going to do […]

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