My Story- Amber, 8, Haslwell School

I thought it was a car or maybe a truck then I looked outside no truck no car then I started to get scared so I went into my two little sisters room. My Mum and Dad was there Mum said it was an Earthquake, Mum said go under the bed I was going to do that anyway. We moved into mums room when the aftershocks came Mum and Dad got a torch my Dad saw people from the street outside so we went out too.There was lots of sand volcanoes and sewerage everywhere.We missed school for a week our big tree was on a slope and sand volcanoes were in the class rooms ,the tree got cut down bit by bit and we went to a new school for 8 days. We are going back to our normal school next term but lots of rooms need to be built again.

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  1. Mrs Ireland says:

    Great story Amber!! Hope you have lots of fun in the holidays with your family and friends and enjoy the lovely weather! See you at Halswell ready for term 4! Mrs Ireland :)

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