‘This was bigger than the 7.1 we had’-Tyler ,10, Addington School

On the 22nd February Christchurch had a 6.3 earthquake. I was in the playground on a rock climbing part playing army with my friends. Then everything started shaking so I jumped off and hurt my ankle. Then I ran to the middle of the concrete I got in a turtle and stayed there till it stopped. When I went home I saw lots of liquafaction. There was no warning about it. Later on in the day I was going to pick my brother up from school we had 5.9 that felt even bigger than the first one. This was bigger than the 7.1 we had.

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  1. RachaelJEmerald primary school, australia says:

    That would of been really scary,it looked even more scary with 2 earthquakes.I watched the news about it and it looked masive!
    I hope everythings OK:]
    From Rachael Emerald Primary school australia

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