‘My story’-Raihana, 9, Addington School

Earthquake story On 22nd of February my friends and I were standing outside near the playground and suddenly the ground started to shake and it was furious. Rachana started crying and i did too. Dorinda hugged me and Rachana and then we all got into turtle. Mr Leslie called our names and Ms Heath came, she said well done you’ve done a great job you quickly got in to a turtle. Then my mum came and took me home. Mr Leslie hugged me and then we went. When we got home nothing got broken or fell down, the only thing that got broken was a candy jar. When my brother came home he saw my tears and he started laughing at me he said, you are stupid you cried? I said nothing. Me and my brother went outside and he showed me the street. When you walk on it it goes down and he showed some other people as well. They were amazed and then my Auntie and her husband came and they said what did you guys do when the earthquake happened? Then we told her all about it and we drank some tea. A few hours later we all we all went to my grandma’s house because we thought it would be safer and her house is in Belfast. It took us a long time to get there the roads were closed finally we got there and stayed for 1 week.

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  1. Declan says:

    That was very smart of u guys 2 get into a turtle.I hope you guys r okay and recover soon!

  2. I’m glad you’re safe. it must have been really scary. I’m glad that you knew how to get into a turtle position to keep you safe.

  3. I glad you are OK. But I would have done what you did. I am glad you knew to get into a turtle position to keep you very safe.

  4. Paizley Gray says:

    You’re so great and brave.if i were you I would’ve been so scared.

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