‘AFTERSHOCK!!’-Te Aroha, 9, Addington School

I was having fun with my friends I was going down a pole and BOOM!!! an earthquake. Every where I looked was a bit fuzzy because of my headache but I seemed to make it to the netball courts where everybody turned into a turtle. Then I heard some of the girls crying because it was so scary. I know because I was crying too but after a while my friends helped me get over it. It’s lovely when your friends help. One of my friends that helped me was Tasi she is a really nice person . Later that day parents came and some stayed, some went. Three or two hours went past and I was still at school playing board games when my aunty came and took Sky, Messiah and I home. We went out the gates of school there was an annoying AFTERSHOCK!!! . Then we turned into a turtle and then popped up and saw my mum. Then we hopped into the car and went home.

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