‘The liquefaction was everywhere’-MJ, 10, Addington School

On the day of the earthquake February 22nd I was at school. I had just finished my sandwich and started playing on the monkey bars when it started. I was terrified I ran to the concrete and started crying. About 5 minutes later another big aftershock started. Mrs Craib and Ms Heath told us all to get into tommy turtle so we all did. I heard people crying and screaming. I started crying and then my mum and dad arrived. My dad came to me and my mum went my little brother Benjamin. I had to go home but first we had to go and get my big brother Daniel, he goes to Cashmere High School. But he wasn’t there he was at home. I saw damaged roads while I was going home. The liquefaction was everywhere. The cracks were very scary. My bedroom was very messy. The shelf in the house was munted. I didn’t expect to have another earthquake.

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  1. sonya says:

    sorry about what??

  2. Raelene says:

    We are so proud of you Margaret-Jean, You are a very Brave girl. It was very scary travelling on the roads to come home. You and your Brothers were very awesome helping the elderly down our street. We love how you are so fantastic. From Mum

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