‘My story’-Line, 10, Addington School

It all started on Tuesday 22nd February. It was lunch time and I was playing with my friends. Then suddenly a big earthquake happened. Then my friends Mum and Dad came running. Children were crying to go home. All I saw was children running, people crying and also seeing people in a turtle. I started to feel sad so i cried because I was worried about my baby cousin because he is only two years old and he is scared of earthquakes.

They decided to go to Auckland to have a month off because his mum is scared and at their house you cant really feel the aftershocks. My nanna started to cry when my cousins came home so she said to come in to the lounge to do a prayer. We said thank you for guiding us through the earthquake and everyone got a part to say and to read of the bible. We read luke 26 part 5 end it to part 17.

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