‘MY EARTHQUAKE STORY 2011′-KC, 9, Addington School

On Tuesday 22nd of February at 12:50 pm the day that was bright but it all changed at 12:51pm, a huge earthquake happened. A rumble everyone heard and everyone knew it was an aftershock. Everyone froze it was silent. I heard people worried and crying just waiting for teachers to come. Trees were swaying. We thought they might fall, But we were very safe. We got to the center of the court in our class lines. Some people were hugging, huddling in group circles. I knew there might be no power and no water. There were little shakes too. Everyone was waiting for their parents about 1 to 2 hours. We went to the Room 11 door but the door was locked because it was dangerous to go inside, so we left my bag at school. When we left, I was worried about friends. It was worse than Septembers earthquake. There were lots of liquafaction when we went to check on my mums friends. I could see a lot of liquafaction everywhere when we went passed.

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