‘What if it was you?’-Lauren, 10, Clearview Primary

What if it was you?
Family lost and everything gone
People worrying and crying
Friends and family past away
Aftershocks everyday
Every time it went shake shake shake
Lots and lots of things would break
What if it was you?

6 Responses to “‘What if it was you?’-Lauren, 10, Clearview Primary”

  1. Ella says:

    Hello Lauren

    If it was me when all was shaking around me I would be frightened and crying. I think that is a normal reaction when these big earthquakes happen and I would be worried for others.

    Your experience was a big one and I am sure it continues even though the shaking subsides but now other problems emerge and you have a memory that will never forgot what has just happened.

    You also have a strong spirit that will take you through this, it seems as though all in Canterbury have this special strength. Many people all over the world have seen this and have spoken of it.

    Please take care of yourself and give my very best wishes to all your family, friends and school.

    From Ella in Auckland.

    • lauren says:

      to ella thankyou for your email. our house didnt get any damage but our freinds and family needed water so we went round giving out water. iwas very scared and our school felt it quit good. but in the end nobody that i new was hurt.

  2. Cayden H owes says:

    hello Lauren

    If it was me I would be terrified you were really brave.
    best wishes and i hope your family and you are ok.
    from Cayden in Wellington

  3. Faye says:

    Wow, If i were there i would be freaking out!
    I hope everything is ok in Christchurch.
    Good luck for the future!

    From Faye,
    In Wellington (:

  4. Alex McCloy says:

    Hi Lauren,

    What would i do? If a big earthquake hit wellington i would be freaking out! When i first heard about the earthquake i was actually quite scared. That night i didn’t get much sleep at all. There have been quite a few big aftershocks in upper hutt. None of them have done much dammage like the christchurch one.

    Kind regards, Alex, Room 49, SBC

  5. lauren says:

    to Cayden . thankfully nobody that i know is hurt. but there was a lady that was in the press building that lost her legs so hopefully shell be right. and im sure theyll be lots of apualing stories.

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