‘The ground started shaking’-Lily, 5, Hillview Christian School

On the day of the earthquake I was sitting and having lunch with Marita, Paris and Emily. The ground started shaking. I tried to stand up but fell down. I ran to the field and sat down on Mrs Vosslambers knee. I was very scared and I cried. my dad came and picked me up his shiny black shoes were very dirty from the mud!

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  1. Lily Britttin says:

    I am so sorry if your house got damaged. It is so sad what happened to you. How are you and your family doing?I hope you’re ok. I hope I can talk to you soon. Have a good day. bye.
    From Lily in Hastings

  2. Lily Brittin says:

    Hi its me Lily I talked to you before can you write back. Are you back at school yet. is school ok. i hope it is. when is your birthday. mine is soon on april the 16 im turning 9. where are you staying do you have a sister or a brother. I really really hope your family is ok.

  3. Autumn says:

    Wow your dads shoes sound REALLY muddy!
    Glad to hear your OK
    Autumn, 11

  4. Ella says:

    Hi Lily

    Oh my! You had a big day that wasn’t too good.
    I am sorry you had all that happen.

    It would have been nice to have had Marita, Paris and Emily close nearby when you went to the field.

    What a lovely teacher you have to be able to be so well cared for and sit on Mrs Vosslambers knee.

    Lots of people were scared that day but wow, I bet you were glad to see your Dad when he turned up in his muddy shoes and he would have been so happy to see you too.

    Take lots of care dear Lily, you are very precious.

    From Ella in Auckland.

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