‘Our Story’-Benjamin and Lukas, 5, Mairehau Primary School

“When the earthquake hit we were at school ,our lights were shaking , we had to be turtles on the mat and then under our desks because it wasnt stopping.”
“The ground was shaking, it was really noisey, We were all really scared , Mrs Parker was really brave!  our class bookstand and the toys all fell on the ground , my friends were crying..”

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  1. Hi Benjamin and Lukas : ) Thankyou for teling us about the earthquake ..about the shakyness and the noise… You guys were brave in your class being turtles on the mat ..then under the desks…Mrs Parker was brave too wasn’t she…I live in Tauranga and all the people in our city are watching about Christchurch on our TV.. I am sorry you have had such a scary, scary time with the earthquake…No wonder people felt like crying..I would cry too if this happened in Tauranga….I hope you are back with your friends at school soon, and that are some things to play with where you are, and paper and crayons for you to draw about everything that’s been happening…You would want lots of drawing paper and crayons for so many things that you are seeing every day…Bye for now Benjamin and Lukas, Big Hugs to the Christchurch people from theTauranga people!! … from Raewyn.

  2. Ella says:

    Hello Benjamin and Lukas

    Thanks for your writing, this website is a good idea I reckon to let everyone see what things are like for you.

    Sounds to me as though you were pretty brave getting to be turtles on the mat and then under your desks.

    What great teachers you have keeping you safe and Mrs Parker must get a big star and hug next time you see her.

    I hope your family is well and you are all safe now. We are thinking of you loads!

    From Ella in Auckland.

  3. Grace steele says:

    Hi ben and lukas
    thank you for being so brave to type a story on the website. THANK YOU SO MUCH

    From Grace in christchurch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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