‘My story’-Noah, 5, Hillview christian school

I was sitting outside and the earthquake happened.  I felt nervous when the earthquake happened.  I ran to the quad.

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  1. Wow Noah it must have been hard to run when the ground was shaking and you didn’t know what was happening….No wonder you were nervous!! It seems like the Christchurch children know what to do in an earthquake….I don’t know if Tauranga children would know like you guys do… You all had to be so brave the day of the earthquake…that was such a scary thing to happen….I hope you are able to be with your friends and play, and draw earthquake pictures and stuff Noah…..I live in Tauranga and we are thinking about the children and your families in Christchurch sooooo much …Thankyou for writing some stories so that we understand what it was like to be in the earthquake….maybe drawing some pictures and feelings on paper with crayons will help with the nervous or scared feelings that probably come around sometimes…Bye for now Noah, from Raewyn.

  2. Ella says:

    Dear Noah

    Thank you for your writing about the earthquake.

    I am not surprised you were nervous, I know a lot of other people were too. It is normal to feel nervous when big things happen.

    I am pleased you were able to run to the quad, I am sure you are a fast runner.

    Please say hello to your family and friends from me. I wish you all the very best and hope all starts getting better very soon.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  3. kelly says:

    what a brave boy, Noah!! But it is okay to be scared or cry!! Love you always Mummy xxxx

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