‘Shake, Shake, Shake!’-Caitlin, 9, Merrin School

Shake, Shake, Shake I was outside when the 6.3 aftershock hit. My friends and I were sitting down and eating our lunches and at about 12:51 there was a small shake, well I thought it was small except it suddenly got bigger and bigger so I started running to the field. I got told to get into our class lines, people were screaming, car and house alarms were going off everywhere. Once I got home I checked that my cats and dog were ok, thankfully they were ok Smile emoticon.My house is all right but a lot of glasses broke and 2 out of our 3 TV’s broke [very sad].

Stay strong Christchurch

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  1. Ella says:

    Hi Caitlin

    You had a big shock didn’t you when the big earthquake came? I am so sorry about that as we all thought things were settling down.

    I am so glad you could run to the field and get into your class lines. It sounds as though it was very noisy. The teachers would have looked after you well there and kept you safe.

    You must have felt so relieved that your pets were all safe. They would have been very alarmed and may well need lots of strokes and care.

    I do hope you stay well, strong and the great Canterbury champion you are!

    Stay strong Christchurch…I agree.

    From Ella in Auckland

  2. Deborah says:

    Hello Caitlin,

    Thank you for sharing about your scary time. We saw some of the news via the internet in Australia. It was quite a shock and we did wonder about the pets because we had just had a big electrical storm that frightened the dogs.

    I hope everything is more settled now and that everyone at Merrin School is helping one another. Good Luck to each family there too.

    Deborah :)

  3. pipi says:

    Dear Caitlin
    I hope you are ok and i also hope your friends and family are ok .
    Im glad to hear that you your pets are ok as well.
    Sorry to hear about the earthquake it is such a terrible thing.
    Kind regards

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