‘My story’-Kate, 11, Cobham Intermediate School

I was at school when the earthquake struck and it was so freaky. The ground underneath me cracked and all the liquifaction came squirting out. I had to hold all my emotions in so that I could help my friends. My mum was in the 5th story of a hospital and she didn’t like it in there! My Dad was in Queenstown so he was very lucky and my 17 year old brother was in a carpark and he said the cars were rocking alot. My Mum couldn’t get to me at the time because she was in town so I was getting pretty scared and my cellphone messages weren’t coming through. My brother eventually came and picked me up and the minute I saw him I burst into tears because I was so happy to see him. Then I got home and Mum wasn’t there and but I looked down the driveway and there she was driving up. We still didn’t have power at 6.00 so we thought we will probably be without it. We went to see my grandparents and by the time we got home at 8.00 it was all back on. I turned on the t.v and thats when I saw the death toll! Things are getting a bit better because I’m back at school,we have power and we are allowed to use the toilets. We had a big aftershock last night which rocked us quite alot and I just hope everything will get better.

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  1. Ella says:

    Oh boy! It sounds terrible what you went through Kate. And still ongoing things I guess from what I see on the news.

    You are very brave to manage your way through all that liquifaction and look after your friends. You can be proud of that, it takes a special person to do that.

    I am so pleased all your family are safe, and I hope the tears have subsided and things are at least starting to get a little more normal.

    You have a very special and huge task ahead of you now to be shared with all the people in your age group and that is to be very much part of the new Canterbury.

    Your input is very important as the future belongs to you. Good luck.

    From Ella in Auckland.

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