‘It was so freaky’-Tyla, 11, Kaiapoi Borough School

When the 6.3 earthquake struck I was at school .It was lunch time and I decided to go outside with 2 of my friends,Grace and Olivia while my other friends stayed inside chatting.When it happened we were just walking around outside when everyone screamed and ducked.Then Olivia ran to the middle of the field so I followed .My friends that were inside just come running out.Olivia and Rhiannon cried so I gave them a hug I was worried about my Mum most of all because she was at home alone and my house is damaged.We got told to all go over by the hall.We all just waited then I seen my Mum coming down in the car I was so relieved that she was alright.I didn’t cry till my Mum came.It was so freaky and I hope we never have to go through a day like this again.

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  1. Ella says:

    Dear Tyla

    I hope you do not have to go through a day like this then , I really do.

    It appears that many people in schools throughout the region were looked after really well by teachers and friends before relieved parents turned up.

    You sound as though you are a very caring person looking after others and you seem to be very in touch with your feelings which is an important skill in life.

    I want you to remember that all over the world people are thinking of you trying to do something that will help whether it be financial or other sorts of support.

    Today I saw on the news that Hayley Westenra was in London at a huge ceremony to remember everyone in Canterbury, it was very moving and a few tears were shed. And lots of money was raised too.

    Take care of yourself. From Ella in Auckland.

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