‘My story’-Isaac, 8, Somerfield primary

On tuesday the 22nd of february I was outside on the playground when the 6.3 earthquake hit. I fell off the class porch and pulled my friend down with me then we all had to go to the field where nothing could fall on us. Strangely enough when my mum and dad came we managed to get home with out any shakes. Our house was fine but we had liquifaction all round our house. There were still some after shocks so I was jumping from door frame to door frame!

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  1. Ella says:

    Kia ora Isaac

    You are amazing to have managed to get through such a big day dealing with an earthquake.

    It is odd that there were no shakes on the way home with Mum and Dad. Wasn’t it great to see them straight afterwards?

    I am very pleased your house was fine except for the messy liquifaction gooing up the place.

    Good thing your door frames are strong. You stay strong too, you are precious.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi Isaac, I enjoyed your story very much out of the many stories submitted to this website. You made a very strong impression on me.

  3. Rafe & Isaac says:

    Rafe and I live in Motueka. We are in room 7 at Riwaka School.
    My name is Isaac too. I hope your house is fine and you are okay.
    We wish you strength for the future.

    From Rafe and Isaac

  4. lucy spargo says:

    i am so sorry if u lossed any think. It must be hard having all thoes after shocks

  5. jade says:

    Hi Issac,

    i enjoyed your story very much, i am very sorry for what happened to you in Chiristchurch.

    best wishes jade in Auckland

  6. harlym says:

    Dear Isaac your story was so amazing it felt like I was in the earthquake.
    I hope your ok and I hope your family is ok.

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