Earthquake 2011-Nina, 10, Harewood Primary School

Tuesday the 22nd was an ordinary day at School, when suddenly disaster struck! Children were playing happily on this calm, greyish day – enjoying the fresh air. Then out of the blue, the ground below our feet, started to rumble and tumble like a wobbly jelly. Instantly, we all dropped to the ground like turtles as we have been drilled to do. Adrenalin rushed through my shaking body as I realised what was happening. I looked around as our emergency bell shrieked, and children run screaming to our safety meeting place. Our School buildings stood firm, loyal and strong, they won’t let this terrifying earthquake knock them down. The End.

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  1. Liz France says:

    So true Nina- Harewood School has been here almost 150years and is going to stay strong through this quake too. We can fix the little cracks.You were very brave – well done. Miss France

  2. Trish Noble says:

    Wow you expert story writer…great vocabulary choices!! You really made a picture and soundscape in my head as I read your story! We were so proud of all our kids at Harewood.You were all brave and knew just what to do. Thanks for helping so many of our younger students too. They needed lots of cuddles and reassurance didn’t they? Looking forward to seeing you back at school.
    Love Miss Noble

  3. Ella says:

    Hi Nina

    It’s good to read what you wrote, your school buildings stood firm, loyal and strong just like the people of Canterbury.

    And alongside the people of Canterbury will be more people throughout New Zealand to help you stand strong and then further out you will see all the other people all over the world doing the same standing by you.

    Those far away are doing their best to raise money and send items that are needed.

    I hope you will get back to a more normal life soon and I wish you the best of luck.
    From Ella in Auckland.

  4. Mrs Greenwood says:

    You are right – we will not let this earthquake knock the Canterbury spirit either! Christchurch will rebuild even better than before – especially with everyone working together to do it.

  5. Sophia and Jesse says:

    We go to Riwaka school in Motueka and we are Year 7 students. We both are 11 years old and our teacher is Mrs Smits!
    We feel guilty you are having this terrible disaster and we are fine.
    Please know that our thoughts are with you all the time.

    Take care from,

    Sophia and Jesse

  6. Mrs Balcar says:

    Nina, I love your description about your experience of the earthquake. It was great you were able to follow your drill when it happened. Your school must be built very well. I am glad I am able to visit on Wednesday. It is a wonderful place to be.

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