‘My story’-Holly, 5, Halswell Primary School

The earthquake was scary.  I was scared.  It made me sad inside.  It made some people die.  Some peoples house are broken.  My and Jack’s school was broken down.  We can boil the water.  All my family are safe.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hello Holly

    I am so sorry you felt sad when the big earthquake came. It is normal to feel sad when something like that happens.

    Great news about being able to boil your water and hopefully that is getting all fixed soon.

    Best news though is that you and your family are safe. That’s wonderful.

    Please remember Holly we are all thinking of you and trying hard to help in some way.

    Say Hi to your family and friends and catch the big hug I am sending from Auckland!

    From Ella in Auckland.

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