‘My story’-Amber, 9, Halswell School

I was eating my lunch and you guessed it…another earthquake ahhhhh! I collapsed on my feet and I didn’t know what to do next, everybody got under the desk, so I did too, it was very scary .The teacher said lets go and have a look at the field when the rumbling stopped. The field was opening up in front of our eyes, liquefaction was pouring out everywhere and lots of people were crying, thankfully it wasn’t long before our parents came to get me and my sister. My sister and I feel sad for the people of Christchurch who have lost family, friends or their homes so we have been making Canterbury Ribbons and Hope Bracelets and have been selling them at school, we have made $150 so far for the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal.

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  1. Halie says:

    Well done on your fundraising efforts Amber, you are such a wonderful, loving person. I hope the earthquakes stop for you all soon. xoxoxo

  2. Ella says:

    Kia ora Amber

    What a shock in the middle of your lunch. But great you got under your desk and kept yourself safe, how wise of you.

    What a great teacher you have to keep you safe whilst the world was trembling, lots of heroes around on that day!

    You are a champion making all those bracelets and ribbons and how fantastic you have made $150. Huge well done!

    Take care of yourself and send a big ‘hi’ to your family and friends and of course to you too.

    From Ella in Auckland.

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