28 short earthquake stories from Rooms 9 & 10 at Opawa School

Amber Skilling – 6, Opawa School

On Tuesday an earthquake hit at reading time. When it happened Nana and Grandad came over then it happened and my fish tank fell over and smashed. My Nana was scared and she went as quick as lightning.

Tyson Lenitua – 6, Opawa School

I remember that one light fell. It fell on the mat. I wasn’t scared. It was fun. It wasn’t scary for me.

Jack Utteridge-Davy – 6, Opawa School

On Tuesday I was very scared and when I got home I wasn’t allowed inside the house.

Claire Lenitua – 6, Opawa School

I went to a hotel after the earthquake. I went in the pool. I can swim from the deep end to the normal end. I went and dried myself off. I got dressed. I saw my friend Bede and his big sister Jordan.

Jessie Wood – 6, Opawa School

I felt scared. My mum felt scared too because she thought I’d got hurt. We didn’t have power so we went to Deans parents.

Billy Kelly – 7, Opawa School

When the aftershock happened I didn’t go under the table because Robyn was holding me. I was trying to take my wrist out of her hand. It was a 6.3.

Sienna Young – 6, Opawa School

On the earthquake that was on Tuesday I got home late. It was a mess. My mums draws fell down and everything fell down and smashed. It was not good at all. My dog Milly ran away. My dog Mojo hid under the deck and hid for a long time. Milly came back fast. A man brought Milly back. There were lots of aftershocks after the bad one. Then it was all back to normal again but the house was still a mess. Especially my bedroom. Toys fell down from the shelves – a mess it was.

Courtney Bower – 6, Opawa School

The earthquake and aftershocks crashed the buildings in town.

Daisy Hunter – 6, Opawa School

The aftershock story. For the earthquake I was at home.

Bella Wilson-Ewers – 6, Opawa School

When the earthquake happened I was scared. We went under the table.

Pasin Sirihongthong – 6, Opawa School

On the weekend after the earthquake I went to Hanmer.

Jessica Riddell – 6, Opawa School

The earthquake was scary and other cat died.

Kaila Merkin – 6, Opawa School

On Tuesday I went to my nanas house after the earthquake happened. I stayed there the night for 3 weeks.

Finley J – 6, Opawa School

In the earthquake the light fell. It was down and all of the books fell down. It was scary. We all went under the table after the earthquake.

Amellyia – 6, Opawa School

On Tuesday the earthquake happened to Christhchurch. It was a big one and I went under the table. It was not good and I got a little scared. I went to Hannahs dad and I got to wait for dad or my mum.

Lucy – Rose – 6, Opawa School

On Thursday I went to Maddies to see how she was going and I had a play and I wanted to have a play.

Caleb Watson-Webb – 6, Opawa School

In the earthquake the teachers board fell down.

Amber-Skye Jewell – 6, Opawa School

In the weekend I went from the earthquake and aftershocks.

Phoenix A-E – 6, Opawa School

After the earth quake I had to sleep with my brother because of that I had to be close to my parents.

Mike Anderson – 6, Opawa School

When the big earthquake came and the bell ran and we felt some aftershocks.

Kaitlyn Cogle – 6, Opawa School

I went to Morgans. We had fun. I went down the rollercoaster and the slide.

Ashleigh – 6, Opawa School

When the earthquake happened my dad was leaving my street. It was fine when he left but when he came back it was flooded.

Reign – 6, Opawa School

On Tuesday there was an earthquake. Me and Fin dived under the table. The lights fell. We went out to the field. Mum picked me up and I went home. I snuggled up with Silver. My granddad came over.

Ethyn – 6, Opawa School

When the earthquake hit I got under my desk. It was scary. When it stopped we went to the field. When we got home mum decided to take me to Balclutha. When I heard that I said “Yes!” I had a good time. The night mum and family came we went to a restaurant for tea.

Leah – 6, Opawa School

I went to a hotel when my mum picked me up. We went to the hotel.

Joseph – 6, Opawa School

When the earthquake shook I rushed under the table. After I rushed under the table I heard a bell go ding, ding, ding. I followed my teacher. We went to the top field.

Jasmine – 6, Opawa School

I was cleaning the mess and me and my brother stood in the glass.

Luke Crone – 6, Opawa School

All of the balls from the bolts, they fell on the floor.

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  1. Ella says:

    Dear all at Rooms 9 and 10 Opawa School and teachers

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write on this website what it was like for you when the big earthquake came. It gives those of us who are far away an idea of what it was like although we cannot really know.

    You are all brave champions of Canterbury and we are very pleased you are safe.

    Take care of yourselves, we are thinking of you lots!
    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Jacque says:

    Dear Children and Teachers

    Wow – I am amazed at your stories and together, they make a huge big picture of just how scarey it was on that day.

    Its okay to be scared, even adults get scared sometimes.

    you all sound like very brave people – well done to you all. I hope the damages and the broken things are now getting tidied up. I came down to Christchurch to help and I did see the big mess – but remember, broken things can be replaced and mess can be cleaned up. The most important thing is that you are all safe and well.

    Keep well and keep safe Opawa School

    From Jacque in the North Island.

    Jessica honey, I’m so sorry your cat died. xxxooo

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