‘My story’-Hannah, 8, Hillview Christian School

On Tuesday we went  swimming at kings swim school.  when we were on the bus going back to school the earthquake happened. The bus driver told miss pattson to tell the kids to be silent so that the bus driver can hear  the calls coming from the earthquake people.Then miss pattson told us we had an earthqauke but we did not feel the earthqauke on the bus. When my best friend Monquie saw the liqafaction she started to cry but i held her hand and when I saw the liqafatchion I started to cry to. When we got to school and we got out of the bus there so many people in my class crying. When I got home when mum picked me up I walked up the staris I saw my tv came out of the cabinet. When I went to bed with mum, dad went into mum’s bedroom. He smelt like smoke because he had been out in the city puting out the fire in the CTV building. My dad works at the red cross and the fire brgade in Governors Bay. Be safe!

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  1. Ella says:

    Kia ora Hannah

    Thank you for telling your story so well of what it was like for you on the big earthquake day.

    How kind you are to look after Monique when you saw the effects of the earthquake.

    Crying can be a useful thing to help us get some of the worry out of our minds.

    I am so pleased that both Mum and Dad were able to get home so that you could all be together.
    I reckon there would have been a lot of hugs in your house.

    Please take care of yourself Hannah, I am thinking of you lots!

    From Ella in Auckland.

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