‘All Shook Up’-Hannah, 11, Templeton Primary

Screaming. Terror. People dying. People crying. Running to safety. With the ground shaking I ran to the field with my friends. Teachers sprinting to help the juniors that were terrified. Parents were coming from all parts of the school to see their kids. My heart goes out to all the Christchurch earthquake victims that lost their family. Kia Kaha Canterbury.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hannah how are you?

    You certainly have a poetic feel to your writing, and so descriptive. This talent of yours must be used to tell people the stories of life and this experience was a life changing experience.

    Kia Kaha Canterbury indeed. And we all stand with you as our hearts are there with you.

    Take care of yourself dear Hannah, say hi to your family and friends from me in Auckland. And a big hug to you all!

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Gillian Hewson says:

    A very graphic story Hannah – let’s us know in Auckland just how it was for you all very frightening . Will pass your email on to other members of the family so they to can read. Nana x

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