‘The Big One’-Caitlin, 11, Templeton Primary

I was in the PE shed with my mates when a huge jolt hit our school. Kids were screaming, crying, scared. I was scared then parents started arriving I was wondering what was going on it was just a aftershock .Than another huge jolt came that was no aftershock more parents started arriving more people were crying i went to find my sister she was ok so was my other friends. After awhile teachers started coming out to check on kids. Mr Bradley came and asked if we were allright . Soon enough teachers started gathering everyone in to the field to play games i played long ball with Miss J. After 5 minutes my poppa came to pick me and Kaleigh my sister up we walked around to his house which is 1 minute away. Me and my poppa walked around to the preschool to pick up my two cousins. Then after 1 hour my mum arrived from working in town what a weird day.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hey Caitlin

    Thanks for writing this piece for all of us to read and get an understanding of what it must have been like for you there.

    It certainly sounds like a frightening experience and I am so sorry you went through this and the subsequent aftershocks.

    You sound like a very kind person by checking on your sister and friends. Your teachers appear very good too checking on you and ensuring you were safe.

    Poppa would have been happy to see you and Kaleigh when he came to pick you up and of course when Mum came back she too would have been very happy to see you as well.

    I hope things are settling down for you all now, we are thinking of you. And everyone in NZ is trying to work on things that will help Canterbury to be the fabulous place that it is again.

    Take care from Ella in Auckland.

    • Caitlin says:

      Thank you Ella for your kind words. It was a very frightening day but the aftershocks are much less now. Our house has just had it’s roof fixed from the September earthquake.

      My twin brother and sister had a big earthquake on their first day of school so that will be something they will remember!

  2. Victoria says:

    Well written Caitlin, normally I would have been at school within 20 minutes to pick you up but that day it took me nearly two hours to get to school. Well done to our Poppa for picking you all up and looking after you all. Aren’t we glad we have him!

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