‘My story’-Abby, 7 1/2, Harewood School

On Tuesday the 22nd of February there was a 6.3 earthquake. I was on the playground when it happened.  It felt like thunder under the ground.  When it hit the whole school went in a turtle.  I was worried about Nicholas.  When it had finished I was running around the tennis court looking for Grace and Nicholas.  I felt scared.  Then the teachers told us to go into class lines then they could check that everybody was safe.  The children were getting cold so the children went into the Mulipurpose room.  Then we sang some songs to try and get the earthquake off our mind.  After that the parents started to come and Mrs Baston read us some stories.  Finally we watched a movie called The Magic School Bus.  Mum came.  Grace Nicholas and I ran into her arms.  After that we went home and switched on the TV.  When we were going to go and check on our neighbours the Suttons came.  They stayed for a long time.

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  1. Mrs Greenwood says:

    You are right the earthquake did feel a bit like thunder! It was fantastic that everyone went into a turtle to help keep safe. We all looked after each other so well, just like your family look after you.

  2. Ella says:

    Hiya Abby

    It is amazing how good you all were at your school to get into a turtle when the earthquake shook.

    Good teachers that made things safe for you and checking on you before taking you indoors to the multipurpose room.

    Singing songs is an excellent way to feel some togetherness and get the earthquake off your minds.

    I am sure Mum would have been so happy to see you as you were to see you.
    I hope by now some things are getting back to normal a little. We are all thinking of you all the time.

    Best wishes Ella in Auckland.

  3. Mrs Balcar says:

    Abby, You did very well during the earthquake and it was ok that you felt scared, because it was scarey. I can see you running to Mum when she arrived. She would have been very pleased to have seen all of you as well. Wasn’t it good that you all knew about being a turtle to keep safe. I am proud of you.

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