“I hated the 6.3 earthquake”-Grace, 10, Harewood School

I hated the 6.3 earthquake!  It was scarier than the 7.1 in September.  I really hope we don’t get any more extremely strong aftershocks.  This is my story of what happened to me in the earthquake.
On Tuesday the 22nd of February I was in the classroom with my friends Ashleigh and Hannah eating our lunch together.  After Hannah had finished her lunch we got out the computer and were about to log onto one of Hannah’s favourite games but there was a small wobble that got stronger and stronger.  I raced for the door as fast as lightening.  Ashleigh dove over Hannah to protect her.  They both rolled from side to side until the shaking stopped.   I flew outside as I was frightened and scared about Abby and Nicholas.  I had to find them and make sure they were alright.  Abby came crying into my arms and we found Nicholas happy with his friends on the play equipment.  He said that the sky was farting.  He also went like a turtle.  The teachers told us to get in lines of our classes to check all the children.  Everyone was safe, thank goodness.  Another strong aftershock happened and we all went into turtles on the ground.  We were then all taken to the Multipurpose room where we were given a muesli bar and a bottle of water.  We then sang some songs to try and get the earthquakes off our minds.  Mrs Baston read us some stories.  Parents then started to come and pick up the children.  A movie was put on while we waited.  It was called The Magic School Bus.  I was nervous until Mum came.  I raced up and gave her a huge hug along with Abby and Nicholas.  Nicholas wanted to stay at school to watch the rest of the movie.  Once we got home Mum checked the house to see if it was safe enough to come inside.  It was safe.  After that we watched some TV and then the Sutton family came for the afternoon and tea because they didn’t have enough petrol to drive home to Rolleston.  When Dad came home I raced out the door and gave him a huge hug like I did to Mum.  It was a lovely feeling having all our family together.  That night we all slept on mattresses on the floor around Mum and Dad’s bed.

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  1. Mrs Greenwood says:

    Grace your story is so well written and describes so well what happened. I agree that it was such a special feeling when we got our family together – I felt exactly the same as you did! You are so lucky to have such a special family who love you so much.

  2. Ella says:

    Kia ora Grace

    Phew, you had a big day when the earthquake came!

    I am so pleased you could race for the door as fast as lightening. That’s pretty fast.

    What amazing teachers they sound so calm and obviously looked after you well.

    When parents came to pick up the children I bet you were so glad to see your Mum and she would have felt the same way.

    I am very happy your house is safe and that all your family are together.

    Good sleeping!

    Best wishes from Ella in Auckland.

  3. Liz France says:

    Hannah is very lucky to have such special friends that think of here even in a frightening time like the earthquake. Well written Grace. Miss France

  4. Trish Noble says:

    Hey Grace…you wrote a great recount of your experiences! It was pretty scary but we were so proud of all our Harewood kids. You knew just what to do to keep safe. You were such a help to the younger children when we gathered in the emergency area. I’m missing you and missing school. See you soon! Love Miss Noble

  5. Mrs Balcar says:

    Hi Grace, What a wonderful story you wrote about the earthquake. You were a great girl to get outside. How wonderful to be able to hug Mum when she arrived and later Dad. Hugs are just the best things. Wasn’t Mum sensible to check the house before you all went inside. She was thinking well. I was pleased to hear all or family was safe as well and then I felt much happier. Well done young lady.

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