“I didn’t cry”-Nicholas, 5, Harewood School

When we were playing in the playground a strong aftershock just got bigger and bigger and bigger.
And then nearly all the school went like turtles.
It was quite scary but I didn’t cry.  Some of my friends did.
We went into the multipurpose room and did some jump jam and then watched the Magic School Bus.
Mum came to pick me up.  I ran into her arms and just started crying.

4 Responses to ““I didn’t cry”-Nicholas, 5, Harewood School”

  1. Mrs Greenwood says:

    You were very brave when the earthquake happened, Nicholas. It was good to have a cry when Mum arrived – I am sure she cried too because she was so pleased to see you safe and well.

  2. Ella says:

    Dear Nicholas

    I am so happy you went into turtles at schools when the big earthquake came.

    I am not surprised that some people cried, that day lots of people cried including adults.

    It was good you went to the multipurpose room and did some jump jam and then later watched the Magic School Bus, lots of children did that didn’t they?

    I am sure Mum would have been very pleased to see you again and was so happy to hug you close.

    I am sending a big hug right now from Auckland and you can share it with your family and friends too if you like.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  3. Mrs Tamblyn says:

    Nicholas, I was very impressed that you knew remembered what to do in an earthquake, when you had only just started school. You were very brave and you were very kind, looking after your friends. I am looking forward to seeing you back at school again very soon.

  4. Mrs Balcar says:

    Nicholas, You were a brae boy, but it must have felt good to cry when Mum came to get you. It is a very good thing to do. I’m very glad school taught you how to become turtles. That was a smart and safe thing to do. Well done. Take care

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