‘My earthquake story’-Megan, 7, St Andrews School

When the Christchurch Earthquake hit last week I was at school.  I was eating my lunch but our teacher said to eat inside.  When it hit we needed to run outside.  But twenty seconds later another hit once again.

Luckily after that there were no more and even better my dad came a minute later.  He was the first dad who came!  There were heap’s of kids crying.  When my dad came he was trying to cam them down.  Then he realzied that a pipe broke under our playground.  Yucky water was evrywere.  Me and my friend Izzi were laghing about the water and saying it was poo’s and wees!  But about 20 minut’s later we were crying.

The pipe witch broke flooded our playground and we wern’t happy about this.  I was crying for my Brother Olly.  Half an hour later we went home and lickwerefaction was in our back yard.

yesterday we had two minuts silent for the people who died. :(

Now I’m in peceful Wanaka and I’m going to hawa flat school.  I’m living with my granie anie and I have some of my old friends in my class.  They’re called “Isla, Ethan, Larun and dylan”.  I also made some new friends on my first day!  The first Earth Quake on Teasday was 7.3 and the one after was 6.3.  I’m of school for 3 weeks.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Hello Megan,

    You have had quite an ordeal. I hope you are able to attend school and be with your friends to play and draw and write.
    This is a great idea for you to write your story to us. Many people in Australia have been concerned for the people of Christchurch. I hope your brother Olley is feeling much better too.

  2. Ella says:

    Hi Megan

    I am pleased you have written this piece to give us an idea of what it was like for you when the earthquake came.

    Poor old you having all that yuck water at school, has it gone now?

    It is good you did the 2 minute silence, I went to the cathedral in Auckland and there were a great many people there all of whom care for everyone in Canterbury.

    I am pleased you are having some time away and having a ‘fun rest’ with all your friends there.

    Take care of yourself hero Megan!

    From Ella in Auckland.

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