‘My story’-Rosie, 8, Harewood School

On Tuesday 22 02 11 was the 6.3 Earthquake. I was eating my lunch near the classroom when it struck. I just sat up then when it didn’t stop I went down on to the ground, then I went to the court and then into the multi purpose room. I was worried as my Mum works in the LPG industry and I didn’t know that LPG evaporates when it hits air. I thought that when LPG hits electricity that it burns. I was happy when Bernie came to pick me up.

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  1. Wendy says:

    Hi Rosie,

    Thanks for telling us your story about the earthquake – it must have been a big surprise to have the ground shake when you were eating your lunch. I’m very glad that you went down on the ground and that you were safe. The teachers at your school would have made sure that everyone was okay also. I am a teacher too and the safety of our students is the first thing on our minds when anything unusual like an earthquake happens. I’m from Melbourne, Australia, and we have had some very little shakes here.

    Its also interesting to hear about your mum’s job – I didn’t know anything about LPG evaporating until I read your story. My dad has LPG in his car and I feel like it is a safe form of energy.

    I hope that things are starting to return to normal and that you are back at school!

    Sending you my best wishes,


  2. Ella says:

    Dear Rosie

    Thank you for sharing your story about the big earthquake.
    It sounds as though it was pretty scary for everyone.

    Good for you getting on the ground, that’s a pretty neat thing to do as well as keeping you safe.

    I am so pleased your Mum told you about LPG and now you can be less worried.

    Take care Rosie, these are times when we all have to comfort each other no matter where we are.

    Thinking of you.
    From Ella in Auckland.

  3. Deborah says:

    Hello Rosie,

    I have been impressed about the way Christchurch children are strong and straightforward. I liked your story and hope everything is ok with you.
    We send our best wishes and encouragement from Australia – to you, your family and friends and everyone at Harewood School :)

  4. Hello Rosie

    Im very sorry for the devestation that been caused in Christchurch its good that you didn’t get injured and we all hope for the best for you your friends and your family.

    I hope your are getting back to your regular bases at school and at home.

    Kind regards

    Rahman Bashir North shore,Auckland

  5. pipi says:

    hi i hope all is well down in chch and i hope your mum didnt get injured in the quake and i hope u are fine as well. i hope your house isant too badely dammaged in the quake and all your family is safe

  6. I am so sad to here your story and I would hate to be in your position and I hope you get your mum back.
    From luca samios

    I hope you are alright and your mum is fine.
    From lachlan comfort

  7. Ariana and Kaiser says:

    Hi Rosie,
    Our names are Kaiser and Ari. we are 12 yrs old and go to Northcote Intermediate school.

    We are very sorry that you were in a terrible incident.I hope that you have been having good dreams and no night mares.

  8. Hi Rosie.
    Our names are Nick and Josh.
    Im so sorry that the earthquake

  9. jazz says:

    Hay Rosie,

    My name is Jazz i am 12 years old i go to Northcote Intermidiate,
    I am in my last year of Intermidiate.

    I am very sorry that you were in Christchurch when the earthquake happend i feel very sorry for you and your family down there i live in Auckland so nothing really happens up here.

    Hopefully you are ok and your family too.

    I know how it feels to think if your family is still alive because some of my family lives in Chrischurch too.

    Bye hopefully you dont have another bad earthquake

  10. Mrs Balcar says:

    Thank you for being able to read your letter about the earthquake. I am glad you became a turtle. I wish I had been able to.. It was a scarey time, but isn’t it wonderful that there were people uyour school to help you. I wish I had been at school that day.
    I hope you are feeling a little less scared now and proud of yourself that you did so well
    Mrs Balcar

  11. Mrs Greenwood says:

    Rosie, we were so proud of the way everyone acted when the earthquake happened even though people were feeling a bit worried. It is good you know now what happens to LPG and it might help you feel safer.

  12. Chloe and Catherine says:

    Hi Rosie

    We are very sorry that Christchurch had that massive 6.3 earthquake. It must have been an extremely scary time for you and it is good that you are safe and we hope your mum is alright.

    from Chloe and Catherine

  13. Hey,
    Sorry about your mum i hope she is allgood

    From Louis & Xavier :)

  14. Hey,
    Sorry about your mum i hope she is allgood

    From Louis & Xavier

  15. Katelin says:

    hey Rosie,
    My name is Katelin i am 12 years old i go to Northcote Intermediate.

    I am very sorry about the bad earthquake that hit Christchurch a few weeks ago. I hope you are ok and all your family and friends. I am so sad that most of the city is ruined but I am very happy for you guys that the shops will be starting up again.

    wishing you all the best for the time that it takes to clean up and rebuild.

    from Katelin (:

  16. Tazz. says:

    Hi Rosie,
    My name is Tazz I am 12 years old I go to Northcote Intermediate School.
    I am very sorry for the devastation that happened in Christchurch.
    I am so sad to hear your story and I would hate to be in your position.
    I hope your family and friends are well and its good to hear that you didn’t get injured in the earthquake . All the best with your Mum and I hope she gets better .

    Love Tazz (:

  17. Mikayla says:

    Hi Rosie

    I am sorry to hear about the earthquake.It is good to hear from people who survived the earthquake.I hope your family is safe as well and not too shocked but i think Christchurch will recover quickly with all the fundraising everyone is doing to help.I hope you enjoyed the feedback from everyone.Wish you all good luck.

    From Mikayla :)

  18. Taylor :) says:

    Hi Rosie
    My name is Taylor and I go to Northcote Intermedite and i’m 12 years old . I’m a year 8 this year. I hope you your family and friends are all okay and everybody up here is hoping for the best for everyone down in Christchurch. I hope for the best for Christchurch and you your family and friends :)

  19. Mishkhah says:

    Hello Rosie ,

    I am very sorry for the devastation that has happened. Its good to hear you did’nt get hurt , hope all is well with your family and friends . It must of been really scary for you but hopefully Christchurch will raise enough money to recover .

    Mishkhah (:

  20. calan mackenzie says:

    Hi Rosie
    I am happy you and your family are safe and wish the best for you, your family and your friends. I hope that life returns to as normal as it can for Cristchurch and that the earthquakes and aftershocks stop soon.

    Kind regards
    Calan Mackenzie, North shore, Auckland

  21. Nicky and Vaisioa says:

    Dear Rosie

    We are very sorry for the devastating earthquake that hit Christchurch.
    Its good to know that you and your family are safe. Hopefully you will be back to your daily routine.
    Northcote Intermediate wishes you all the best and pray that all will be good.

    From Nicky and Vaisioa

  22. Fiona H says:

    Hi Rosie

    I’m Fiona I am 12 years old I go to Northcote Intermediate in Auckland.I am very sorry that this happend to you I hope that none of your friends or family got hurt in the eathquake.

    Yours sinceerly Fiona H

  23. Sammie says:

    Hi Rosie
    My name is Sammie I am 12 years old I am a student at Nothcote Intermediate. I am very sorry for what has being going on for you, I wish you so much luck and I hope none of your friends or family got hort from the earthquake.

    Yours sincerely Sammie :) xx

  24. Fiona H says:

    Hi Rosie

    I’m Fiona I go to Northcote intermediate in Auckland.I hope that no one in your family got hurt and friends by the earthquake.

    Yors sincerely Fona H :)

  25. taylor says:

    hello Rosie

  26. samuel says:

    Thanks for telling us about your experience in the christchurch earthquake. I was watching the news and it looked really really scary. I hope that you and your family and friends are OK.
    Good luck for the future.
    From samuel

  27. Veronika says:

    Dear, Rosie
    I am Veronika from Northcote intermediate school. Thank you for sharing with us your earthquake story. I feel very sorry for you that you were there when the earthquake occured. I hope that everything is ok with you and your family members. My friends sister was in the Christchurch earthquake, Everything is ok with her but she had a major shock .

    I really hope you don’t have another bad earthquake.

    Best wishes, veronika x :))

  28. taylor says:

    hello Rosie

    Every-thing looks so freaky on tv you would have had to be really really brave to get through that. I hope all your family and relitives are all right,

    Hope your ok , Taylor and Josh

  29. Ellen says:

    Hello im Ellen and im very sorry to hear what u have gone through. It has been all over the news. I have been through the same thing when the Gisborne earthquake struck back a long time ago. I hope Christurch has a bright future and becomes back to normal.

    Kind regards Ellen

  30. jack says:

    bryce,im really sorry about the quake i hope your family is ok and your ok

  31. georgia says:

    dear christchurchians,

    my name is georgia, i am 12 and i go to northcote intermediate.
    i am very sorry about the earthquake i my scholl has had endless fundraisers for christchurch and we are doing all we can to help and well done for staying strong!

    be strong and stay positive,

  32. Emma-leigh says:

    hi christchurchions,

    my name is Emma-leig, i am 11 years old. i go to northcote intermediate. we have had lots and lots of fundraisers for you guys.
    i feel really bad for everyone in christchurch for what they had to go through, especially the people who lost friends and loved ones. life will never be the same.

    i wish you all the best

    From Emma-Leigh

  33. scott underwood says:

    hi my name is scott and i am very sorry you were in the the 6.3 earthquake and if i could yelp I definitly would

  34. Jenny Park says:

    Hello Rosie,

    You’re so brave Rosie! If I were in that EarthQuake i would be FREAKING OUT!!! And more because you are 8 years old….

    Everyone is proud of how you stayed calm when other people would have

    yours sincerely,
    Jenny PArk

  35. bubbles. grace says:

    KIA KAHA we are all standing beside u
    and we pray and keep u in our hearts every day

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