‘My Earthquake Story’-Bailey, 6, Halswell School

l was in my classroom eating my lunch when the earthquake happened. My friend Emma said get under the table she asked me do you think that was an aftershock. l said yes  Miss Medlock wasnt threre she was in the stafroom with the other teachers. We all ran out of the classroom and Miss medlock came running back from the staffroom and was standing in liquefaction. I was screaming, I WANT MY MUM. Miss Medlock carried me to the big field, then we all cuddled up and nearly all of us were crying.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hi Bailey

    Thanks for writing your piece on here, this will be kept as a piece of history.

    I am pleased you were kept safe by your teacher Miss Medlock at school.

    Cuddling up would have been a very good thing to do, to keep you warm and to comfort each other.

    I hope you are back at home now with your family, and feeling a lot safer.

    take care Bailey, there are a lot of people thinking about you, that includes me!

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Mrs Balcar says:

    Bailey, what a lovely thing to know that you were all cuddled up together as it was scarey.
    It as good you wanted your Mum and it is certainly ok that nearly of you were crying because you were scared. I think you were a very brave boy at school and it must have been very special to se Mum.
    Mrs Balcar

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