‘My story’-Bridget, 6, Halswell Primary

I was out side playing when the earthquake happened, so I ran to Miss Medlock (Teacher), we huddled up together then walked on the field to make sure everyone was safe.

Then we did the roll so we knew everyone was there. When we were on the field my feet got wet as the liquefaction was coming out of the grass and lots of yucky water. I was really scared and started to cry. Then we had a story (Wonky donkey) and a funny song, my dad come and picked me up, we stayed under the table and doorway at home, as there was heaps of big aftershocks all afternoon and night.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hello Bridget

    Thank you for posting your story on here for us all to read how the day unfolded for you.

    Miss Medlock is a well hugged teacher I think, and probably a good hugger too.

    The Wonky Donkey story is great isn’t it? And funny songs make you laugh a little too.

    I am sure Dad would have been so pleased to pick you up and see you were all safe.

    Please say Hi to your family and friends and school, I am thinking of you lots of times.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Mrs Balcar says:

    Hello Bridget,
    Thank you for your story about how you felt during the earthquake. It certainly was scarey.
    I did’t ave ay liquefaction where I was. You were lucky to be at school and have funny stories and songs. I think you were very happy to see your Dad arrive. It was also a sensible thing to stay under the doorway at home. You have done very well and I am proud of you.
    Mrs Balcar

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