‘BAM!!!!’-Abby, 10, Kaiapoi Borough School

On the 22nd of February the ground moved like never before. I was at school at the time watching a movie it only lasted a few minutes and the next thing you know BAM!!!!.The ground started moving like nothing I have ever felt before. Septemer the 4th was pretty big but this was far bigger than September because it was shallower. Anyway back to my story. We sat there waiting for it to end but it just got worse. Everyone dived under their desks in fear that the building would collapse but it didn’t.The teachers tried to get us home as fast as they could. Funny thing is my Grandad’s little dog we’re taking care of tried a dog way bigger than him and it got everyone laughing. Dad was in Lyttleton when it happened and he was stuck in traffic. He said there were farm animals running away but because there were boulders coming down from the hills they had to do best they could to not get hit.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hey Abby

    You do have an engaging way of telling your story, especially as it was such an awful time.
    It looks as though you have a journalist streak in you!

    Good teachers getting you home as soon as possible, in these times it’s amazing how the heroes came to the front.

    I used to have a little dog that did the same as your Grandad’s dog, what a pain that was! But with the earthquake the poor thing would be very upset not knowing what was going on.

    I hope things have settled down for you now and that soon you and your family will be feeling more happy.

    From Ella in Auckland.

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