“It was quite scary”-Caleb, 9, Isleworth School

When the 6.3 earth quake hit five of us were in the class. My teacher was training people how to swim. I was one of the five people in the class. There was no teacher in the class. It was quite scary in the class when the 6.3 happened. We went under our desks and then we ran outside to see if the rest of the class were okay. The teacher had to pull out people from the pool. After that we went to the field waiting for our mums and dads to come and pick us up.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hello Caleb

    I can understand you would be scared under the circumstances.

    You did so well getting under the desks to stay safe. And then to run outside to see whether your classmates were ok is a good thing to have done.

    Was it a long wait for your parents to come? Or did it just feel like it?

    I am sure you were looked after well with your teachers caring for you and now you are at home I am equally as sure your family would be so delighted you are safe.

    Take care Caleb, thinking of you loads.
    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Caleb says:

    Hi Ella

    Thank you for reading my earthquake story.
    Christchurch is getting back to being normal but there is still a lot of damage.
    Are you and your family okay after the tornado, hopefully your house and friends are okay.

    Kind regards

    From Caleb

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