‘My story’-Bailey, 10, Hillview Christian School

I was on the field and talking when the ground started shaking and then I just got to the ground with my hands on my head. I was happy but scared then the teacher put us into class groups. Then we prayed. Scottie came and picked me up i ran up and gave him a big hug. Me and ephraim had to sit in the boot. On the way home there was lots of silt and sewerage on the raods. The dairys had drinks on the floor and they were messy. When we got home I gave mum a big hug and we looked inside everything fellout of the fridge CDs felloff the shelf it was a mess. Our neighbour came over and we had some cake and juice it was nice. Then we played on the driveway. Later on we went inside and cleaned up.

3 Responses to “‘My story’-Bailey, 10, Hillview Christian School”

  1. Jenny Gifford says:

    You were all so Brave Bailey. Well done Big Toad. Love you heaps xxxxx

  2. Ella says:

    Dear Bailey

    Thank you for your story about your experience of the earthquake.

    Your teachers did a great job caring for you and praying with you.

    What a trip you had with Scottie (after a big hug) sitting in the boot. What a terrible site to see all the devastation.

    Mum would be so relieved and happy to see you home safe and then it seems as though you had a lot of clearing up to do.

    It sounds as though you have been very busy, I hope you get back to school soon.

    You are all in our thoughts. From Ella in Auckland.

  3. Bailey Smith says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the earthquake. It’s good that you are ok.

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